Main Courses





Homemade Cabbage Rolls :Meat Lovers or Vegetarian $4.00 each
Baked Red Pepper Stuffed with Meat or Veggie $4.00
Ginger Lemon Lamb Chops in a Red Wine Marinade, served with cranberries & roasted almonds rice, and chanterelle mushrooms $14.99
Grilled  Free Range Chicken with basmati rice or whole wheat pasta and vegetables $9.99
Hungarian Goulash with Potatoes or Rice or Pasta $8.99
Maple-Glazed Baby Back Pork Ribs with Spinach and Sun Dried Tomatoes  Rice, baked beans & small potatoes $9.99
Beef Stew (lean beef, gently spiced & cooked with red wine, young  potato & vegetables $8.99
Pan Fry Schnitzel (your choice chicken, pork or veal) with vegetables & mashed potatoes (plain or with sautéed mushrooms and onion) $9.99
Baked Pappardelle Creamy Pasta with Honey Ham, cheddar & parmesan cheeses $7.99
Baked Ultimate Lasagna (meat or veggie) $7.99
Pollo al Mattone Half of Roasted Free Range Chicken with baby potatoes, rice & vegetables of the day $16.99
Grilled Atlantic  Salmon with baked Yams and Portobello mushrooms $16.99
Grilled Tiger  Shrimps with Tagliatelle Verdi Pasta (Egg noodle with spinach), Truffle Butter and Cognac $16.99
Skinless Chicken Meat Stuffed with Mushrooms, pineapple and blue cheese, served with tri-color Rotini Pasta, small potatoes and sweet & sour  Brussels sprouts $14.99
Orange Chicken Breast with herbed roasted  sweet potatoes and parmesan cauliflower $14.99
Ukrainian Handmade Perogies with Potato & Cheddar Cheese $7.99

All above prices don’t include GST.
Free delivery in downtown Vancouver.